Generic Amalgam Separator Cartridge

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26 95000
$8.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Replace your Solmetex Hg5®1 Amalgam Separator Cartridges, this cartridge operates the same as the Solmetex version, for only $250, recycling included – a 30% savings from the brand name product.2 Must be recycled as it fills, or once per year; whichever occurs first. Successfully tested to ISO 11143:2008 standard. Price includes a shipping return label. 

1 Solmetex® and Hg5® are registered trademarks of Solmetex, Inc. DRNA is not affiliated with or sponsored or endorsed by Solmetex, Inc.
2 30% of price comparison based on price listed for the Solmetex® Hg5® amalgam recycling cartridges in the August 2017 Schein catalog.